Political Campaigns

Political campaign requires insights and experience to get the candidates AIMS and goals for the campaign. Political leaders want to target the voters and deliver the information from the voters.

Yellowka Consultancy offers Best Political Campaign Services and we are using various techniques to increase traffic and increase sales. Many communication services and other applications are in existence. We are building right creative to develop political strategies and social media campaign.

Political marketing and strategy can be defined as the technique utilized by parties, candidates and governments to achieve their goals through digital medium. The strategy includes targeting, positioning of ideas.

We promote the politicians to get more publicity and casting votes by doing this.

  • We create a Facebook page for politicians
  • Facebook ads.
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Bulk SMS and WhatsApp SMS
  • YouTube advertising
  • Twitter, Etc.….


Social Media Campaign……

Social media market played a significant role in past elections, and almost the political people communication will continue to influence political campaigns.

Social media marketing has major changes in the political communication and it is used by the politicians in order to strengthen their live. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections is bigger example of game changer in terms of more cast votes, candidate’s data, daily work done by candidates’ campaigns during elections.

SMS AND VOICE Marketing…

SMS marketing is an most effective strategy, by sending SMS to the audience its connects many of the people in one SMS. Our team will work to create best content to send an SMS that attracts the audience. By doing SMS marketing and we also do a voice marketing it will helps to reach target audiences by Delivering voice calls.


WhatsApp Marketing. …..

WhatsApp marketing is an effective political campaign strategy. Many of the users are using WhatsApp in every day. In our political campaign we can use to target the people for getting more votes.